About me

"I'm passionate about what I teach, and love to share my experiences to help students on their own personal journey."

I am a highly experienced yoga practitioner with over twenty years’ experience. My yoga journey began whilst working in a stressful job, typical of today’s lifestyles of high commitment and long hours. After my first yoga class, I was captivated. The time on my mat became ‘my time’. My mind felt clearer, I felt energised, relaxed and my whole body felt open and stretched. Having struggled with back pain, following a car accident, I found yoga helped enormously, allowing me to do things I had not been able to for a long time.

As my practise developed, and upon recognising the freedom and benefits yoga was giving me, I was determined for others to experience these benefits too. In 2006, I decided to embark on my yoga teacher training with Sun Power Yoga in Leicester. Not long after qualifying I was made redundant from my job and made the decision to see this as an opportunity and began teaching yoga full time. Here I am today, and I have never looked back! My style of teaching is Vinyasa flow emphasising linking breath with movement, influenced by those who I study with in the UK and America. I find this intriguing as I am also a bit of an anatomy geek; I think that is my engineering brain from my previous job.

Realising in day to day life more people are looking for help with their mental health, battling with conditions such as PTS, PTSD and anxiety. As a result, I decided to take iRest teacher training, a research based practise of deep relaxation and meditation.

Whilst teaching yoga, I will continue to learn and firmly believe that there is always room for further study and personal growth.

I am passionate about what I teach, and I love to share my experiences to help students on their own personal journey.


Sun Power Yoga Level 1 & 2 BWT Acc
Sun Power Aqua Yoga
Yin Yoga Teacher – Erin Fleming
iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 & Level 2