One-to-one sessions for everyone

A one-to-one yoga session is a great way for those who are new to yoga or are returning after a break from their yoga practice to build their confidence on the mat.

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I can take your yoga practice out of the classroom and into your home or workplace where I can work within your comfort zone and help you grow your familiarity with yoga postures and flows and realise just what your body can do.

You may be more experienced but want to complement your practice with some personal tuition. You may want a more challenging practice, such as to perfect more advanced postures. Or maybe you are a marathon runner looking for customised tuition to suit your needs. I can tailor a class just for you. Working within your limits in your environment.

I see clients weekly, monthly or a one-off session to help with something they may be struggling with.

"Take your yoga practice out of the classroom and into your home or workplace"

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About me

I am a highly experienced yoga practitioner with over twenty years’ practice behind me. 

My yoga journey began while working in a stressful job, living a lifestyle that is fairly typical today, working long hours and using a lot of energy. After my first yoga class, I was captivated. The time on my mat became ‘my time’. My mind felt clearer, I felt energised, relaxed and my whole body felt open and stretched. I want to share this feeling with all my students.